NPT Imaging
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Louisville, Kentucky 40214

  • NPT Imaging is a wedding photography business operating in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Fully licensed and insured. Member of The Professional Photographers of America Association, The Professional Photographers Association of Greater Louisville and The Louisville Photographic Society. We specialize in Wedding Photography.

  • Our physical address is 845 S. 9th Street, Louisville, KY. My wife Nancy, is my primary assistant at weddings. Nancy coordinates and organizes with the wedding couple and their families to insure that those important family and group photographs fit into an efficient flow, making the best use of available time.


  • I have been involved with photography for many years and have been on the front end of digital photography and the use of computers for image editing since 1996.

  • NPT Imaging offers Professional high quality digital formats for photography. Digital work can be output to virtually any file format.


  • Some people have asked what NPT stands for. Well, this story goes back to before our first granddaughter was born. Her Mother and the Grandmothers were deciding who would be called Nana, Grandma, etc. I said that I did not want to be a Poppy, that I was too young to be called Poppy. So, from then on I was labeled 'No Poppy Tom'. I started a web site for my Granddaughter when she was born as a way to display her pictures to be shared on the web with family members. There I used the name NoPoppyTom Creations for work that I did for that site. That is where the "NPT" comes from. (No Poppy Tom)
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